Online Church Services In Nairobi You Can Attend From Home

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For most of the christian faithful, Sunday is the most important day of the week. It is also a time when people dress up and go to church to share the joy of faith with each other. However, this will not be possible for a while due to the social distancing rules that have to be observed. That doesn’t mean that nothing will be going on though. So put on your Sunday best outfits and get ready to attend these online church services from home.


Online Church Services On TV

While this may not be the case with all churches,some churches are able to hold their services on TV. This means that their congregants in Nairobi can be able to easily follow up on and participate in the church proceedings. Some of the church services you can follow on TV on Sunday morning include:

Jubilee Christian Church – On KTN TV Sunday From 8am- 10am

Eagles Christian Church Live Service on K24 from 8am – 10am

All Saints’ Cathedral Nairobi on KBC and TV47 at 11am


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Online Church Services Livestreams on Social Media

With advancements in technology, nearly all mainstream social media platforms have a livestream feature. Among the social media platforms with a livestream feature include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram through IGTV. These livestream tools can help Nairobians access the religious proceedings in real time from whichever part of the world.

Case In Point:

Winners Chapel Kenya – On Facebook Live Broadcast

Eagles Christian Church Ministries – Facebook Live Broadcast

ACK Emmanuel Church Riruta – On Facebook Live Broadcast

Jubilee Christan Church – On YouTube

Winners Chapel Kenya – On YouTube

Rivers of joy Ministries International – On YouTube & Facebook Live Broadcast

Pefa Church Donholm – On YouTube & Facebook Live Broadcast

AIC Milimani – On YouTube


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