This Is Why You Should Visit The Nairobi National Park Soon

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You’ve probably spent all week in the house watching all the great Kenyan shows and eating some fantastic food. Now that it’s the weekend, it’s time for a change of scene. While movement may be a little limited at this time, you can definitely visit the Nairobi National park for these great reasons.


The Nairobi National Park is unique

Nairobi is well known as the world’s only wildlife capital thanks to the Nairobi National Park. This is because it is the only only wildlife protected area in the world so close to a capital city.


Nairobi National Park

Courtesy: Trip Savvy


The Nairobi National Park attractions

If you’re a wildlife lover, you can be sure of getting your fix without having to go very far. The Nairobi National Park is home to a wide variety of wildlife and bird species. These include at least 4 of the Big 5 animals, at least 100 mammal species and over 400 recorded species of migratory birds. You can also find one of Kenya’s major rhino sanctuaries here, which is responsible for breeding and restocking other parks. In addition, you can can go on the Nairobi Safari Walk or the animal orphanage and get up close with various animals.


The Nairobi National Park is easy to get to

The Nairobi National Park is only 10kms from the Nairobi CBD. Due to its proximity to the city, the park is very easy to get to by using public transport. The park’s main gate is on Lang’ata Road, with other gates from different parts of the city. If using private means, you’ll be able to find ample parking within the park.


Nairobi National Park

Courtesy: Discover Africa


The Nairobi National Park charges

Amazingly enough, you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy a visit to the Nairobi National Park with your family. The charges are:

Citizen (adults) – KES 430

Citizen (children) – KES 215

Resident ( adults) – KES 1,030

Resident (children) – KES 515

Non-Resident (adults) – USD 43

Non-Resident (children) – USD 22


What to carry when going to the Nairobi National Park

  • Camera, drinking water, a hat, comfortable shoes and clothes, sunglasses and a park guidebook.
  • Make sure that you also wear a face mask and follow the 1 meter or more physical distancing guidelines from the government.


Featured Image Courtesy: KWS




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