6 Amazing Kenyan Bakers That Deliver In Nairobi CBD

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Nothing compares to the first bite of a perfect cake. Whether it’s for a birthday or just a random day, cake is always a plan! When looking for perfect cake, these Kenyan bakers are definitely worth every shilling. The best part is that they deliver in the Nairobi CBD, so you don’t have to go far to get your cake fix.


Sweet Tooth Delights

Kenyan Bakers Nairobi

Courtesy: Sweet Tooth Delights


When looking for interesting cake flavors, there’s no need to look far when it comes to Kenyan bakers. From full cakes to muffins and everything in between, you’ll definitely enjoy every bite.

Contacts: 0714 991902


The Tipsy Bakery

Kenyan Bakers Nairobi

Courtesy: The Tipsy Bakery


What comes to mind when you think of boozy cake? Well, get ready to have your mind blown by The Tipsy Bakery, one of the Kenyan bakers doing things a little differently.

Contacts: 0706555341


The Dancing Whisk

Kenyan Bakers Nairobi

Courtesy: The Dancing Whisk


What type of cake do you love most? You can get your fave from The Dancing Whisk, as well as different combinations of the same.

Contacts: 0739788252


Cupcakes Couture

Kenyan Bakers Nairobi

Courtesy: Cupcakes Couture


How do you feel about cupcakes? If you love them like many people do, then you’ll definitely order a pack or two from Cupcakes Couture. The best part is that they deliver all over Nairobi.

Contacts: +254722986653


Valentine Cake House

Kenyan Bakers Nairobi

Courtesy: Valentine Cake House


As one of the most experienced Kenyan bakers around, Valentine Cake House has some of the best cakes you’ll ever eat in Nairobi. They also deliver not only in Nairobi CBD, but also straight to your home.

Contacts: 0711 305588


Mercy’s Cakery

Courtesy: Mercy’s Cakery


Want your cake to have some thing a little extra? Well, Mercy’s Cakery is there to ‘bake you happy’ with amazing cakes and cupcakes. In addition, you can get free delivery on Thika Road and to Nairobi CBD.

Contacts: 0722969022


Feature Image Courtesy: Magical Kenya




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