5 Indian Food Restaurants That Deliver In Ngong

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Looking for a little spice in your life? Then you need to eat some Indian food today. The best part is that you won’t even need to leave your house to get these delicacies. So if you’re craving some Indian food in Ngong, these are the restaurants that deliver at home.


Haandi Restaurant

Indian Food Delivery Nairobi

Courtesy: Haandi Restaurant


If you’ve been looking for some authentic Indian food in Nairobi, then you’ll definitely find it at Haandi Restaurant. You can get different types of meat, as well as various vegetarian options.


The Mayura

Indian Food Delivery Nairobi

Courtesy: The Mayura


The Mayura is one of the finest restaurants in Nairobi for modern Indian food. Now that they deliver in Ngong, you can enjoy the diverse offers off their menu from the comfort of your home.


Grand Cafe & Indian Cuisine

Indian Food Delivery Nairobi

Courtesy: Grand Cafe & Indian Cuisine


Don’t feel like cooking? That’s okay, as Grand Cafe & Indian Cuisine will deliver all your meals in Ngong. Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’ll definitely get your Indian food fix here.


Mughlai Terrace

Indian Food Delivery Nairobi

Courtesy: Mughlai Terrace


With a selection of Indian food classics and a few modern faves, order from Mughlai Terrace today and get your meal delivered to you at home in Ngong.


Sanjha Chulha

Indian Food Delivery Nairobi

Courtesy: Sanjha Chulha


Not only can you get Indian food at Sanjha Chulha, you can also enjoy some Pakistani cuisine as well. In addition, they deliver to Ngong and other parts of Nairobi.


Featured Image Courtesy: Daily Nation



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