5 Fun Places In Rongai That You Need To Visit Soon

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Following the new government directives, it is now possible to freely move in and out of Nairobi. Why not take a trip to Rongai? Inaweza kuwa ‘diaspora’ lakini Rongai has some pretty fantastic places for you to enjoy. So if you’re tired of always hanging around home, why not visit these fun places in Rongai soon? Just be sure to wear a mask, observe the physical distancing rules, and you’ll definitely have a great time.


Diguna High Ropes Challenge

Fun Places Rongai Visit

Courtesy: Diguna High Ropes Challenge


For the adrenaline junkies, Diguna High Ropes Challenge is one of the fun places in Rongai that you should definitely visit. The high rope challenge and obstacle course will test your fearlessness, as well as how much you love or fear heights. While the threat of a fatal fall is always real, a harness rope will always be tied around your waist, hips and upper thighs. In addition, you should be fine as long as you follow any high rope challenge advice given by experts.

Location: AIC Diguna, Ongata Rongai, Maasai Lodge Road (Near African Nazarene University)

Contacts: 020 2111 885

For directions, take a look at the map here.


Masai Lodge

Fun Places Rongai Visit

Courtesy: Masai Lodge


With over 40 years of experience, Masai Lodge is a slice of world class hospitality in the world. This fun place in Rongai is where you go when you just want to chill with friends and family. in addition to just enjoying the food and drink here, you can also go on a game drive or take a walk on a nature trail. If that’s not your thing, then you’ll definitely enjoy fantastic views of the Nairobi skyline, Ngong Hills and Nairobi National Park from Masai Lodge.

Location: Magadi Road, Ongata Rongai (At the banks of Mbagathi River)

Contacts: +254 720 891 691, +254 723 160 888, +254 736 160 888

For directions, take a look at the map here.


Asyana Gardens

Fun Places Rongai Visit

Courtesy: Asyana Gardens


Looking for fun places to hang out with your family over the weekend? Then Asyana Gardens in Rongai may just be what you’re looking for! Whether you want to go for swimming or a mini-cation somewhere new, you’ll find it all here. You can also enjoy some good food at the restaurant or try out the coffee lounge when you need a caffeine fix. The best part is that this family friendly spot is alcohol free and no smoking is allowed.

Location: Barabara Mpya Magadi Road, Ongata Rongai (next to CITAM Rongai)

Contacts: +254 794587255

For directions, take a look at the map here.


Rolf’s Place

Fun Places Rongai Visit

Courtesy: Rolf’s Place


Are you in the mood for some paintball fury? Rolf’s Place is one of the most fun places in Rongai where you can get to play paintball, go swimming and just enjoy different games on the open ground. This cliff side resort also has some very amazing views, and you have to cross a bridge over a deep gorge on foot to get to Rolf’s Place.

Location: Masai Lodge Rd, Ongata Rongai

Contacts: 0722 265768

For directions, take a look at the map here.


Osoita Lodge

Fun Places Rongai Visit

Courtesy: Booking.com


For a home away from home taste, Osoita Lodge is committed to making that happen. All the 26 rooms are made of natural materials, while having modern luxurious amenities on the inside. Some of the fun things you can enjoy here include a great place to relax and enjoy their legendary nyama choma and great cocktails, as well as world class accommodation.

Location: Nazarene University Road, Off Magadi Road, Ongata Rongai

Contacts: +254 704 120130

For directions, take a look at the map here.



Featured Image Courtesy: Asyana Gardens




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