5 Online Bookshops In Nairobi For Children’s Books

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For lovers of books, being at home is the perfect time to catch up on your reading and stop piling books on your shelves. Children’s books will not only keep them busy, but will also be a chance for you to bond as a family. However, if you’ve already read everything in the house, what’s next? There’s no need to worry. Just get another book or two from these online Nairobi bookshops. In addition, you can even get some for the learners in your house.

  1. 1 Prestige Bookshop

    When it comes to rare to find books in Nairobi, Prestige Bookshop is the place to go. They also have a wide selection of children's books in different genres, which come with their trademark bookmarks. You also have the option of requesting for any book that you can't find in their store.

    Contacts: +254 707-660-164, +254 20-2223515

  2. 2 Text Book Centre

    Text Book Centre is one of the biggest and most diverse book-seller in Africa. Apart from great children's reads for leisure and educational purposes, you can also find different kinds of office equipment at TBC. 

    Contacts: +254 (0)730 735 000

  3. 3 Storymoja

    If you've been looking for great children's books in Nairobi, then you'll definitely find them at Storymoja. These Kenyan and African stories are for all ages, and are available in audio format as well.

    Contacts: 0733 838161

  4. 4 Bookstop Ltd

    Bookstop Ltd is known for stocking best-sellers from all over the world across different genres for all types of readers. Not only that, you can also get used children's books, magazines and journals here.

    Contacts: +254-722-520-160

  5. 5 Nuria

    Nuria not only sells books, but is also a platfom that provides quality services online. You'll definitely get all the children's books that you're looking for in Nairobi here.

    Contacts: +254-729-829-697



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