5 Kenyan Food Bloggers You Should Be Following On YouTube

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The Kenyan food scene is very vibrant, with a mix of old and new ways to make and enjoy food. However, with staying at home it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and keep making the same food every day. Don’t worry, though! These Kenyan food bloggers on YouTube will ‘hold your hand’ as they walk you through making delicious local and international dishes.


Kaluhi’s Kitchen


She makes cooking look fun and effortless on YouTube. If you’re looking to make some relatively easy meals that will impress anyone, then Kaluhi is the Kenyan food blogger for you. Her recipes are simple and made with readily available ingredients.


Chef Rafael


This Kenyan food blogger is out to make the cooking process as uncomplicated as possible. With his simple recipes and easy to find ingredients, you can enjoy learning something new in the kitchen while bonding over food with family.


Mandi Sarro


Popularly known as ‘The Throwdown Queen’ on YouTube, Miss Mandi shares her incredible throwdown recipes on her channel. She gets inspired by African dishes and she hopes to get other people to cook more.


Chef Ali Mandhry


Also known as Chef Ali L’artiste, this Kenyan food blogger primarily makes Swahili influenced cuisine. His YouTube recipes are amazing with easy to follow instructions.


Kanes Kitchen Affair 


You’ll probably love her YouTube delivery, the quick and easy recipes and how your food will look oh-so-good when you’re done. Plus, who wouldn’t love to make tasty food with easy-to-find ingredients?


Featured Image Courtesy: Kanes Kitchen Affair



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