5 Amazing Series You Can Now Watch On Showmax Kenya

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It’s time to shake up your TV watching list. While it might feel like you have watched everything, there’s so much more out there. So if you’re looking for new series to start watching over the weekend, here are some amazing ones you can find on Showmax Kenya.


Date My Family Kenya


Your family may know you more than most, but can they really find you the perfect partner? This is what this series seeks to find out as dates ‘interview’ their potential partner’s family and friends. Expect some drama, laughter and interesting time when streaming this series on Showmax Kenya.




This South African series follows the life of a young lady who rises up from a lowly background and becomes rich. However, events beyond her control threaten her present life and seek to return her to the past. You can catch season 1 of this amazing series on Showmax Kenya, with new episodes available for streaming 24 hours after the series airs on Mzanzi Magic.




If the internet is to be believed, this series has captured the hearts and attention of very many people around the world. Insecure is a story about the black female experience that’s mainly centered around two friends. You can now stream season 1-4 of this funny and introspective series on Showmax Kenya.


Black Tax


Follow the hilarious experience of a well-to-do single lady whose parents come to live with her after some hardships. What’s more, she has two teenage children, a demanding job and a brother who takes advantage of her generosity. You’ll definitely enjoy and maybe relate to this series on Showmax Kenya.




In a world controlled by money and greed, everyone is out to make sure that they win. Follow all the twists, turns and intrigues by streaming season 1-5 of this amazing series on Showmax Kenya.


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