West African Food Delivery & Where You Can Find It In Nairobi

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From jollof rice, spicy vegetables, to amazing chicken and fish dishes, West African food is a flavor train that you should definitely jump on. When looking for it in Nairobi, here’s where you can get West African food delivery at home.


  1. 1 Le Palanka African Restaurant

    Le Palanka

    This fine dining establishment has some of the best West African food in Nairobi, as well as dishes from East and Central Africa. They also do home and office food delivery.

    Contacts: +254 (0) 737 444 440 / +254 (0) 711 444 440

    Check out the Le Palanka menu here.

  2. 2 Mama Ashanti

    Mama Ashanti

    When looking for the full West African food experience in Nairobi, then this is where to order for great food delivery at affordable prices.

    Contacts: +254 (0) 717 222 324 / +254 (0) 736 222 324 

    You can take a look at the Mama Ashanti menu here.

  3. 3 Naija Kitchen

    Naija Kitchen

    If you've been looking for a great taste of Nigerian cuisine in Nairobi, then you should definitely order for delivery from Naija Kitchen. They can also put a West African spin on some of your favorite Kenyan dishes upon request.

    Contacts: +254 (0) 725 984 073

    You can take a look at the Naija Kitchen menu here.

  4. 4 Amalayi African Cuisine

    Amalayi African Cuisine

    You can get a serving of West African and Kenyan food buffet style at this Nairobi restaurant. In addition, they also deliver directly to your home.

    Contacts: 0789802820

    Check out the Amalayi African Cuisine menu here.



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