Kenyan Comedies You Can Now Enjoy On Viusasa

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They say that laughter is the best medicine. This is especially true in these trying times when people need to find something to keep them laughing and make them happy. For lovers of Kenyan comedy, Viusasa is the streaming platform for you. In addition, with packages starting from KES 60 per week, laughter is just a click away. So if you’re at home wondering what to watch, here are some Kenyan comedies on Viusasa you can enjoy today.



Kenyan Comedies Viusasa


if you grew up in the 90s, then you obviously know Redykulass is one of the biggest Kenyan comedies out there. Full of laughs, social commentary and amazing moments, this show was loved by many. If you want to ride the nostalgia train, you can catch this comedy on Viusasa.


The XYZ Show

Kenyan Comedies Viusasa


As a political satire puppet show, The XYZ Show gained popularity not just in Kenya but also throughout Africa. Everything and everyone was fair game when it came to making fun of something. Although it’s no longer aired, you can now find this hilarious show on Viusasa.


Matopeni Express

Kenyan Comedies Viusasa


In the fictional town of Matopeni, a lot of comedy and drama happens daily. As with many Kenyan comedies, this one is told from the perspective of three friends who live here. Make sure that you follow them and their adventures on Viusasa.


Best of Churchill

Kenyan Comedies Viusasa


If you’re really looking for a laugh, then you’re guaranteed to find it on the Best of Churchill show on Viusasa. This is one of the Kenyan comedies that have stood the test of time, as well as showcased some of the best comedians in Kenya.


The Best of Naswa

Kenyan Comedies Vuisasa


This was a hidden cameras pranks show that was quite popular in Kenya when it was on air. However, you can now enjoy it on Viusasa in case you missed anything.


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