5 African Countries That Kenyans Can Travel To Visa Free In 2020

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You know how in movies someone can just hop on a plane and travel to any part of the world within hours? Well, that’s almost impossible for Kenyans. In fact, many trips to other countries are planned months, if not years, in advance. Between ticket costs, visa costs and passport worries, it’s very difficult for Kenyans to go anywhere. Now that the skies are open for travel again, there are still some options available for Kenyan travelers. Some African countries allow Kenyans to travel and stay there visa free for a minimum of 30 days. So when you’re trying to save costs, consider traveling to these African countries.

  1. 1 Mauritius

    Mauritius Attractions

    Why not get ready for a beautiful beach vacation?

  2. 2 Tanzania

    Tanzania Safari Supremacy

    Answer the call of the wild and go exploring in the Serengeti savannah.

  1. 3 Uganda

    Uganda Tourism Center

    From the food, to the people, to the natural attractions, you'll definitely enjoy your time in Uganda.

  2. 4 Rwanda

    Visit Rwanda

    Who wouldn't want to travel to see such a cute face?

  1. 5 Ethiopia

    Stunning Ethiopia Tours

    Get a thrill by going to see an active volcano that's caused a tear in the earth's surface, which is even visible from space!


Featured Image Courtesy: Kenyan Backpacker



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