Kenyan Movies You Can Now Stream Online On Amazon Prime Video

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You are probably spending a lot of time watching TV at home and there are many streaming platforms out there that can help you with that. However, if you’re tired of watching the same Kenyan shows, why not try something a little different on Amazon Prime Video? At a monthly fee of approximately KES 645 and a 7-day free trial, this is one of the best online streaming platforms out there. In addition, Amazon Prime Video has a lot of great original content as well as Kenyan movies like these ones.




If you were not able to watch Rafiki in cinema, then now is your chance to watch one of the most popular Kenyan movies ever made. This love story is now on Amazon Prime Video and you can rent or buy it and watch it at home.


The First Grader


This Kenyan movie is based on the true story of Kimani Maruge, the world’s oldest pupil. At 84 years old, he enrolled in primary school to get the education he could never afford after free primary education was rolled out in Kenya.




Would you follow your dreams against all odds? This is one of the major themes in Subira, one of the most critically acclaimed Kenyan films in recent times. Make sure that you stream it online on Amazon Prime Video.


Return to Kenya


Follow chef Anita as on her Return to Kenya as she rediscovers her roots. In addition, she’ll also be cooking her way around the country as she showcases her love for Kenya and what makes it great.


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