5 African Countries Where Kenyan Travelers Can Get Visa On Arrival

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Getting a visa for many Kenyan travelers is usually a very lengthy, expensive and stressful process. In addition, there is never any guarantee that the application will be successful, which leads to many loses. However, you can also travel and get your visa on arrival in select countries. Visa on arrival is issued at the country’s point of entry, and the process is usually much faster than getting a visa beforehand. For Kenyan travelers, these are the African countries that allow you to get a visa on arrival.




Kenyan Travelers Visa On Arrival

Courtesy: Visit Rwanda


Also known as the land of a thousand hills, Rwanda is one of the best places to visit. Apart from being very safe, Kenyan travelers can also enjoy gorilla tracking, as well as the incredible biodiversity that Rwanda has to offer.


Cape Verde


Kenyan Travelers Visa On Arrival

Courtesy: AFKTravel


If you love white sandy beaches, blue skies and clear aquamarine waters, then Cape Verde is the perfect destination for you! You can relax and travel worry-free knowing that you’ll get a visa on arrival.




Kenyan Travelers Visa On Arrival

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For the more adventurous Kenyan travelers, going to Madagascar to explore the ‘Tsingy’ limestone needles is a breeze. Your visa on arrival will also allow you to explore the mangrove forests and look for indigenous lemurs.




Kenyan Travelers Visa On Arrival

Courtesy: Travel News Digest


Nigeria is a favorite travel destination for Kenyan, as well as international travelers. Between the waterfalls, rare wildlife habitats and modern cities, it’s not hard to see why!


Burkina Faso


Kenyan Travelers Visa On Arrival

Courtesy: World Travel Digest


Kenyan travelers can expect to get a visa on arrival when they go to Burkina Faso. As one of the friendliest countries in Africa, Burkina Faso is a great place to explore West African culture, in addition to enjoying great food and music.




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