Lunch Deals In Westlands To Take Advantage Of Today

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Are you hungry? Looking for something amazing to eat? Well, don’t worry about that! Even if you’re stuck at home, sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking. If that’s you today, here are some pretty fantastic lunch deals in Westlands that you can take advantage of.


KFC Woodvale

Lunch Deals Westlands

Courtesy: KFC


How do you like your chicken? Now you can get to enjoy that and more from KFC Woodvale in Westlands by taking advantage of their free delivery. In addition, you can also check out their other lunch deals on different menu items as you make your order here.


Balkan Grill House

Lunch Deals Westlands

Courtesy: Balkan Grill House


This is one of the lunch deals in Westlands that comes with dessert! If you spend KES 500, your order will come with 10 pieces of traditional Croatian doughnuts. You can take a look at the Balkan Grill House extensive menu and make your order here. In addition, you’ll also get free delivery for orders above KES 500.


Java House – Sarit Centre

Lunch Deals Westlands

Courtesy: Java House


If you’re craving some great sandwiches or muffins, then Java House – Sarit Centre has some great lunch deals for you. For every purchase of select goodies from their menu here, you get one absolutely free! That’s definitely something great you can enjoy while at Westlands.


Pizza 2 Go – Westlands

Lunch Deals Westlands

Courtesy: EatOut


Pizza is always a good plan, and Pizza 2 Go has made it even greater in Westlands. Every pizza purchase will now come with a complimentary drink. You can get regular pizzas, as well as some gluten free options from the menu here.


News Cafe – Sarit Centre

Lunch Deals Westlands

Courtesy: EatOut


Would you give almost anything for a burger right now? Then get ready to get your cravings sorted out by News Cafe – Sarit Centre. For every burger you buy, you’ll get another one free. If this sounds like one of the lunch deals you can take advantage of, make your orders here.


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