Flea Markets In Nairobi & Where You Can Find Them

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The dictionary defines a flea market as ‘a street market selling second-hand goods’. In Nairobi, flea markets are where most people go to find interesting knickknacks or hard-to find items for their home or office. In addition, some flea markets allow people to sell whatever they’re not using in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. You can expect to find handmade crafts, jewelry and even small appliances. So when was the last time you went and enjoyed a fun day at a flea market with friends and family? Here are some of the best ones that you can find in Nairobi.



K1 Flea Market

Nairobi Flea Markets

Courtesy: The Island Guru


Every Sunday, K1 Klub House opens its doors to revelers who get to experience the flea market in all its glory. In addition, they also get to enjoy fantastic brunch offers as they shop.

Location: Ojijo Road, Parklands


The Maasai Market

Nairobi Flea Markets

Courtesy: Culture Trip


The Maasai market is one of the longest running flea markets in Nairobi. It can usually be found in different locations, depending on the day of the week. Here you’ll find a lot of African-inspired crafts and souvenirs that can get for your loved ones.

Location: Check this Maasai market weekly schedule to find out.



Toi Market

Nairobi Flea Markets

Courtesy: MumsVillage


This open air market is a great place to go to if you’re looking for quality second-hand clothes, as well as fruits and vegetables. It is always open, and always busy no matter the time of day.

Location: outskirts of Kibera slum and can also be accessed through Ngong Road via Suna Road.



Gikomba Market

Nairobi Flea Markets

Courtesy: Kenyan Wallstreet


Is there anyone in Nairobi who doesn’t know about Gikomba? This flea market is also a great place to find affordable fashion, food and crafts. If you’re going there, go early so that you can get the best picks of everything.

Location: Kamukunji Road


Featured Image Courtesy: Viator



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