Looking To Visit Uhuru Park? Here Is What You Will Need

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When was the last time you spent some time at Uhuru Park with family and friends? You probably do not know this but we owe today’s Uhuru Park to the late Prof. Wangari Maathai who saved it from being transformed into another city concrete high rise. Uhuru Park now stands as a lush green expanse at the heart of Nairobi. It is a safe location away from the hustle and bustle of Nairobi City and many people enjoy going there. Some of the activities that you can enjoy at Uhuru Park include:


Boat riding on the artificial lake

A Photo OF Boat Riding At Uhuru Park Nairobi

Courtesy: Twitter


As part of the park’s aesthetic, there is an artificial lake that complements the well-drawn out walking paths and the lush green grass. The lake has human-powered boats that you can ride using a cycling mechanism for a fee. Normally a 30-minute ride will set you back around KES 300.


Take a ride on the mini roller coasters

A Photo Of The Rollercoaster At Uhuru Park Nairobi

Courtesy: Baba Armor


Alternatively, the park offers you an opportunity to get that shot of adrenaline by taking a ride on one of the mini roller coasters that are located in the park. The prices of a ride on each roller coaster at the park vary.



A Photo Of Kenyan Photography At Uhuru Park Nairobi

Courtesy: Anthony Trivet


Due to the high number of people at the park, there are many photographers on location who are ready to take great pictures of you at a fee.



A Photo Of Nairobi Residents Having A Picnic At Uhuru Gardens Nairobi

Courtesy: Explore 254


The park offers a great place to unwind or have a picnic. The best of having a picnic at this location is the high number of vendors selling a variety of bittings.


So how exactly do you get to Uhuru Park?

Being located within the city simply means that you will first need to get yourself to Nairobi CBD from there you can make your way to the park using this pin.


What will you need for a day at Uhuru Park?

Money: Not a lot of it, this amusement park is quite cheap and budget-friendly.

Sunglasses: You might want to carry a pair of sunglasses because the sun gets pretty hot at this location.

Picnic gear: This can include food, drinks, a blanket and any other thing that will make your picnic a success.

Face mask: You will not be allowed in the park without a face mask. Besides just wearing one, make sure that you also follow the social distancing rules that have been put in place.


Feature Image Courtesy: Naitrends




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