Swahili Telenovelas To Add To Your Must-Watch TV List

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Let’s be honest. You’ve probably been watching the same old shows since you’ve been home. They may be your faves but it doesn’t hurt to change it up now and then. What better way to do that than with Swahili telenovelas? Not only are they full of drama, mayhem and mystery, but you’ll probably not be able to leave your couch for a while. So if you’re not sure where to start, here are some Swahili telenovelas you should add to your must-watch TV list.




Why should you add this to your Swahili telenovelas TV list? Well, this story has love, hate, humans, mermaids and everything in between. Do you really need any other reasons to start watching this?

Show Timings: Monday to Wednesday, 8 pm on Maisha Magic East




Are things really better left unsaid or can secrets break a family apart? When a family moves from Tanzania to Kenya, this and more is explored in one of Kenya’s best recent Swahili telenovelas.

Show Timings: Wednesday, 5:30 pm on Maisha Magic Plus

Also available on Showmax from Thursday, 9 April 2020




This is a tale of the rich vs the poor, and the lengths they will take to get what they desire. It is also a story about justice and what makes us human. If that sounds like your cup of tea, make sure you catch this show on TV.

Show Timings: Monday to Friday, 8 pm on Maisha Magic Plus

Also available on Showmax from Thursday, 9 April 2020




What would Swahili telenovelas be without a little bit of the supernatural to spice things up? That’s what you’re guaranteed to enjoy with Maza, as well as plot twist after plot twist. So make sure you add this to your TV list and catch the first three seasons on Showmax.


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