Where To Get The Best African Food In Nairobi CBD

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Nothing brings people together like good food, and the Nairobi CBD has endless options for you! From amazingly cheap street food to expensive elaborate meals, there’s a little something for everyone’s taste. In addition, you can also find all types of cuisines in the Nairobi CBD. However, if you’re looking for the best African food, it’s best to start here.


K’Osewe Ranalo Foods

African Food Nairobi CBD

Courtesy: K’Osewe Ranalo Foods Ltd


Best known for their fish and traditional Kenyan dishes, K’Osewe is a Nairobi CBD staple that you should definitely check out. It’s a great space for groups with outdoor seating, as well as live entertainment.

Location: Kimathi Street

What you should definitely order: Tilapia and ugali

Menu price range: Kshs 150 – Kshs 800

Contacts: 0768 749487 (delivery options available)


Kilimanjaro Jamia

African Food Nairobi CBD

Courtesy: Kilimanjaro Jamia


As far as Somali restaurants go, Kilimanjaro Jamia is a favorite with many Nairbians because of their generous portions and affordable prices. In addition, they also serve other types of cuisine, including Indian and African delicacies.

Location: Banda Street

What you should definitely order: Arosto

Menu price range: Kshs 100 – Kshs 800

Contacts: +254 (0) 796 766808 (delivery options available)


Bridges Organic Restaurant

African Food Nairobi CBD

Courtesy: Bridges Organic Restaurant


If you want to enjoy your food without worrying about calories and how it was produced, then you need to eat at Bridges Organic Restaurant. Not only is the food humanely grown and prepared, you can also take advantage of the gluten free options.

Location: Trust Mansion Building, Tubman Road

What you should definitely order: Green chapati and organic chicken

Menu price range: Kshs 300 – Kshs 980

Contacts: +254 711 925 357, +254 714 047 177


Kulan Cuisine and Coffee

African Food Nairobi CBD

Courtesy: Kulan Cuisine & Cafe


Kulan means ‘the place to meet’, and this is what you’ll have a chance to enjoy with friends, family and even colleagues when you eat here. Kulan Cuisine and Coffee has a diverse menu that offers some of the best in Ethiopian, Asian and Somali cuisine within the Nairobi CBD.

Location: Jubilee Insurance Exchange, Kaunda Street

What you should definitely order: Camel steak

Menu price range: Kshs 500 – Kshs 1,050

Contacts: +254 746 956 547 / +254 746 956 548 (delivery options available)


Featured Image Courtesy: Bridges Organic Restaurant



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