Nyama Choma Delivery On Thika Road To Enjoy Today

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When was the last time you ate some nyama choma? If you can’t even remember, then it may be time to refresh your taste buds. Just because you may not want to leave the house doesn’t mean that you can’t eat something amazing today with food delivery. So if you’re in and around Thika Road and craving some nyama choma, these are the places that deliver.


Nyama Choma Ranch

Located within Safari Park Hotel & Casino on Thika Road, this is where you’ll get all your choma needs sorted. You can get a family pack of a whole roasted chicken or rack of lamb. In addition, they also offer free delivery right to your doorstep.


Agulu Lounge

If you’re looking for nyama choma delivery on Thika Road, then you should try out Agulu Lounge. You can get beef, as well as goat and chicken nyama choma. Looking for something a little different? Then you can also try the roasted quail with a 25% off offer.


nyama choma delivery thika road

Courtesy: Chetenet


Uhuru Kenyatta Butchery

Nyama choma preparation is an art, and Uhuru Kenyatta Butchery is great at it. From beef choma to mbuzi choma, you can have your pick of each with your favorite sides. The best part is that you can just sit at home and wait for the delivery on Thika Road.


Tipsy’s Choma

You may have had nyama choma before, but have you ever eaten some rabbit choma? If you haven’t, you can order for some at Tipsy’s Choma. Not feeling very adventurous? That’s okay, you can still get your regular nyama choma delights delivered to you on Thika Road.


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